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CMC's Research & Development team has produced the machine that will change the landscape of the tufting industry.  True single loop control is now possible through technology that has created all new, revolutionary loop structures...Tailored Loop.


An All New Tufting Technology

The Tailored Loop Machine has unlocked new design possibilities for every soft-surface floor covering application.  This is only the beginning as designers continues to discover new ways they can apply this machine's immense capability across markets.

Because of Tailored Loop's ILC (Individual Looper Control) technology, perfect command of each individual stitch is now possible for the first time in the history of tufting.

With it's capability to also utilize our patented Infinity and ColorPoint technology, Tailored Loop provides designers with limitless creative possibilities through it's unprecedented loop control.


Key Features

  • Revolutionary new loop structure
  • Precise single-loop control
  • One stitch textures
  • Flexible & versatile pattern capability
  • Commercial/Contract, Hospitality, High-end Residential, & Rug applications
  • Perfect control of each individual stitch allowing for superior high pile accuracy when tip-shearing
  • No transitional stitches
  • Enables perfect control of lower level pile height when upper level pile height is present
  • Doesn't torque or distort yarn
  • Unique textural effects
  • Ability to tuft all types of yarns including wool
  • Can be combined with our revolutionary ColorPoint technology

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