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Our Heritage

Above: CMC's first machine crew in front of the first shipped tufting machine in 1982. Below: Roy Card and Lewis Card Sr. stand in front of one of their tufting machines. 

innovation, service, integrity...

To know us is to know the pride we have in our heritage. Although, CMC was founded in 1981, our history doesn't start there. Our beginnings date back to the 1930's, when the Cobble brothers began manufacturing tufting equipment for chenille bedspreads. Two of our founding leaders, the late Lewis Card Sr. and Roy Card, (nephews of the Cobble's) got their start in the 1950's with Cobble.  

These pioneers have been shaping the history of the tufting industry with their technological innovations for more than half a century. Their contributions have changed the way carpet is made. 

Currently, CMC has over 2,300 state-of-the-art tufting machines in operation spanning 36 countries. The majority of our business relationships are long standing and we pride ourselves on the strength of those ties. We believe that our emphasis on innovation, service, and integrity is the binding force that has kept those relationships thriving. 


timeline of our company history

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