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Tufting University

Welcome to Tufting University:

An important part of the partnership with our customers is the technical training we provide at our factory... we call it "Tufting University." There is no better place to learn the finer points of tufting, and the proper setup, operations, maintenance, and repair of tufting machines than from the source, especially since we are constantly advancing and upgrading our technology.

Every class is tailored to meet the distinct training needs and objectives of your company, or even a specific mill. Classes typically run Tuesday through Thursday. With the industry's only full-time dedicated technical training manager, we have the expertise to answer your questions, including:

  • How do you prevent setup mistakes?
  • How do you make faster style changes to reduce downtime?
  • What are the best mechanical settings to increase the life of gauge parts?
  • How do you quickly recognize, diagnose, and make repairs to minimize downtime?
  • How do you make adjustments or repairs without causing unrepairable mends?  
The number of people you need to train and length of training are determined by the type of machines you have and the personnel involved in your operations. Students at Tufting U can see how machines are assembled, how the OEM parts are precision-made in our machine shop, and how the electrical components are assembled and tested. Their training includes classroom and simulator work as well as hands-on experience in our Learning Lab.

When you purchase a CMC tufting machine, that's just the beginning of our relationship...

to sign-up or find out more information, contact:

Craig Braswell

Technical Training Manager

Phone: +1 (423) 842-3312

Email Craig


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