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residential market

Combine a vast array of texture and color options with different pile heights to create bold new carpet possibilities. CMC tufting machines can achieve Cut-Loop, High-Low Loop, and many other types of carpet desired by the residential market.



Listed below are the most popular machines for this market:  

Two-Color ColorPoint
High Speed LCL
High Speed Cut
High Speed Loop
Machines for Residential

Two-Color ColorPoint

Two-Color ColorPoint can run a variety of styles for multiple markets. 

Two-Color ColorPoint Machine

This machine is patented by CMC making it the only tufting machine of its kind in the world. Two-Color ColorPoint utilizes CMC's award winning Infinity or Infinity 2E pattern attachment. This machine has the ability to do multiple pile heights in the loop portion of the pattern. It also has the ability to tuft multiple colors with single-stitch pinpoint accuracy. 

High Speed LCL

Higher speeds than other machines due to its lighter weight.

High Speed LCL 

High Speed LCL (level cut loop) creates carpet that combines the softness of cut pile with the durability of loop. You can create free-flowing textured patterns with varying amounts of cut and loop, even with a single color. Available as either a 1/8 gauge or 1/10 gauge level-cut loop machine with single in-line needle bar. 

High Speed Cut

Create low, dense cut pile or high cut pile with more plush, softer hand constructions. 

High Speed Cut Pile Machine 

The High Speed Cut Pile Machine is available in 3/16, 5/32, 1/8, and 1/10 gauge. CMC's Concept 2003 takes high-speed cut pile to the next level, allowing you to tuft up to 1,400 RPMs while shifting the needle bar. Concept 2003 along with PSP (Positive Stitch Placement) shifting, gives you the ability to create cut-pile constructions with better tuft distribution.  Also included is the most reliable, easy-to-use cutting system in the industry: the Advanced Cutting System II.  

High Speed Loop

The High Speed Loop Machine utilizes CMC's Concept 2003 Needle Drive Design.

High Speed Loop Machine 

CMC's Concept 2003 Needle Drive design is the answer to high-speed tufting. CMC has been supplying the industry with high speed loop pile machines since its' very beginning. Loop pile machines run at operating speeds of 1800 to 2000 RPM, giving you maximum productivity.


Yarn Control Attachments for the Residential Market: 

Infinity 2E
Dual Yarn Feed
Quick Thread
Attachments for Residential and Rugs


Innovative Technology that created a revolution in tufting!

Infinity Single-End Pattern Attachment 

Our award-winning Infinity pattern attachment created a revolution in carpet design. It allows you to have multiple pile-height capability at every needle with no repeats, or any number of repeats you choose.

It's done with "intelligent" servomotors that control each individual yarn, allowing you to create free-flowing patterns or shading effects and textures. The "brains" behind each servomotor is our computerized Command Performance system.

Infinity 2E

A two-end Infinity tufting machine helps you keep extra change in your pocket.

Infinity 2E Attachment

We also make a two-end Infinity tufting machine, the Infinity 2E, which gives you many of the same features as the original single-end Infinity, but at a substantial savings. The cost is reduced because the 2E needs only about half as many servomotors. Each motor controls two ends at a time, feeding each one to its own repeat. Because the 2E's design is based on the single-end Infinity, you get the same user friendly features that have made Infinity the best selling pattern attachment in the industry. 

Dual Yarn Feed

Dual Yarn Feed has many advantages to make things easier for you. 

Dual Yarn Feed 

Dual Yarn Feeds have many advantages, the first being that it gives the most positive yarn feed possible for any type of standard tufting. Servo driven Dual Yarn Feeds (with wrap rolls) can be altered to accommodate split feed rates for limited (hi-low) construction on Loop Pile machines. Also, CMC offers a quad-servo configuration, allowing for better yarn control when tufting multiple denier constructions. 

Quick Thread

The Quick Thread Attachment is perfect for multiple textures and geometric shapes.

Quick Thread Attachment

The Quick Thread Attachment makes threading quick and easy, and it's simple to change yarns from one roller to the next - without cutting the yard. The Quick Thread includes a yarn-numbering system that greatly reduces threading errors. This means less waste and higher productivity. You can even print a thread-up sheet from the design center that matches the numbers on the guide. The direct-drive servos on each roll allow you to tuft geometric patterns with extreme clarity. They also enable you to use multiple textures in your pattern.

performance features:

Smart Step
Command Performance
Linear UHD
Features for Residential and Rug

Smart Step

The Smart Step Attachment reduces noise and wear on parts. 

Smart Step Attachment 

CMC's Smart Step is a computer-controlled, servo-driven sliding needle bar attachment engineered specifically for CMC tufting machines. This proprietary system can dramatically improve your tufting operation by combining instantaneous pattern or style setup with advanced stitch placement and high speed productivity. This system features: electronic shifting needle bar, improved productivity and efficiency, and reduced floor space requirements.

Command Performance

Improves quality, efficiency, and serviceability by providing more precise machine control and on-board diagnostics. 

Command Performance 

CMC's Command Performance is a computer controlled, servo-driven system that automates the setup and operation of the machine, providing great improvements in both efficiency and quality. The latest advancement maintains the familiar user interface while incorporating more efficient motors and servos, a reconfigured control cabinet, and maximum use of factory wired cables and connectors. Key features of the Command Performance system include:

  • Greater precision = higher quality carpet
  • More efficient = energy saving performance 
  • Faster, more reliable interconnections 
  • Standardized smaller footprint 
  • Enhanced diagnostics and safety features 
  • A single family of components across the system 

Linear UHD

Our UnderHead Drive is more rigid than ever before.

Linear UnderHead Drive (UHD)

The Linear UnderHead Drive (UHD) of the tufting machine is primarily responsible for the omnidirectional movement of the needle bar as it stitches yarn into the carpet backing. 

The mobility is guided by a series of horizontal and vertical shifters and push rod feet. It is quieter when in motion and more rigid, giving you more precise control in the tufting zone. Grease fittings on these shifters allow for the continued maintenance of the component and reduces down time. 


You can achieve guaranteed operating speeds of 1150 RPM with CMC's SuperSpeed II Compu-Cam Sliding Needle Bar Attachment. 

Compu-Cam Sliding Needle Bar Attachment 

The Compu-Cam Sliding Needle Bar Attachment is the most advanced of its kind, engineered with speed and reliability in mind. It allows for increased operating speeds and longer cam follower life. This attachment eliminates the need for any adjustment of tension on the cam yoke roller. The Compu-Cam sliding needle bar attachment has low maintenance and there are no parts to remove when changing cams. 

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